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Presentations For Dummies (0764559559) cover image

Presentations For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5955-6
384 pages
July 2004
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: Presenting with Purpose.

Chapter 1: Presentations: One Key to Doing Business.

Chapter 2: The Four Ws: Who, What, Where, and Why.

Chapter 3: Pumping Up Your Research.

Chapter 4: Organizing Your Message.

Chapter 5: Me, Worry? Controlling Anxiety.

Part II: Creating a Presentation: The Basics.

Chapter 6: Building the Body with Stories, Statistics, and Other Good Stuff.

Chapter 7: Setting a Style: Choosing Your Words Carefully.

Chapter 8: Using Humor Effectively.

Chapter 9: Tying It All Together: Introductions, Transitions, and Conclusions.

Chapter 10: Planning Powerful Visual Aids.

Part III: Giving Your Presentation with Ease.

Chapter 11: Making Body Talk: What’s Out, What’s In, and What’s International.

Chapter 12: Appreciating Your Audience.

Chapter 13: What Did You Say? Fielding Questions.

Part IV: Mastering the Power of PowerPoint.

Chapter 14: Employing Stunningly Simple Design Techniques.

Chapter 15: Considering Cool Tricks to Whip Your Audience Into a Frenzy.

Chapter 16: Avoiding Common Mistakes with PowerPoint.

Part V: Checking Out Tips and Tricks for Common Presentations.

Chapter 17: Succeeding in Sales and Other Motivational Presentations.

Chapter 18: Tackling Technical and Financial Presentations.

Chapter 19: Making Informational Briefings and Training Presentations.

Chapter 20: Presenting a Business Plan to a Venture Capitalist or Your Boss.

Chapter 21: Making Virtual Presentations: Phone, Video, Web, and E-Mail.

Chapter 22: Impressing with International Presentations.

Chapter 23: Dealing with Impromptu Presentations, Panels, and Roundtables.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten (or So) Comeback Lines to Use When Things Go Wrong.

Chapter 25: Ten (or So) Tips for Presentations at Public Meetings.

Chapter 26: Ten (or So) Things to Check Before You Present.


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