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Pregnancy Cooking and Nutrition For Dummies (1118083601) cover image

Pregnancy Cooking and Nutrition For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-08360-4
392 pages
November 2011
US $19.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book
Introduction 1

Part I: In the Beginning: Growing a Baby Bump 7

Chapter 1: Eating Right for You and Your Baby 9

Chapter 2: Expecting to Expect: Good Nutrition before Pregnancy 17

Chapter 3: Nourishing Your Bump: Proper Nutrition while Pregnant 29

Chapter 4: Knowing What to Avoid during Pregnancy 49

Chapter 5: Weighty Matters: Managing Pregnancy Pounds 63

Chapter 6: Overcoming Embarrassment: The Unpleasant Unmentionables of Pregnancy 75

Part II: Eating Right for Pregnancy 91

Chapter 7: Completing the Puzzle: Discovering How to Eat while Pregnant 93

Chapter 8: Making Safe and Healthy Choices When Dining Out 105

Chapter 9: This or That: Making Grocery Shopping Decisions 117

Chapter 10: Presenting Baby-Bump-Friendly Kitchen Basics 135

Chapter 11: Meal Planning with Your Growing Belly in Mind 149

Part III: Cooking for Pregnancy 157

Chapter 12: Rise and Shine: Breakfast and Smoothie Recipes 159

Chapter 13: Adding Fuel to Your Day: Snack, Appetizer, and Salad Recipes 175

Chapter 14: The Land, Sea, and Air: Main Dish Recipes 201

Chapter 15: Plants, Please! Meatless Side and Main Dishes 227

Chapter 16: How Sweet It Is: Dessert Recipes 253

Chapter 17: Cook It Fast: Speedy Recipes Ready in 10 Minutes or Less 271

Part IV: What You May Not Be Thinking about but Should 285

Chapter 18: Help Me, Doc! Situations That Require Medical Attention 287

Chapter 19: Mommy-and-Me Food Allergies 297

Chapter 20: After the Arrival: Caring for You and Your Baby 303

Chapter 21: Losing Those Lingering Pounds 317

Part V: The Part of Tens 329

Chapter 22: More Than Ten Nourishing Foods for Your Whole Pregnancy 331

Chapter 23: Ten Tricks for Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight 337

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 343

Index 347

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