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Prediabetes For Dummies (0470589930) cover image

Prediabetes For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-58993-9
384 pages
November 2009
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Part I: Confronting the Prediabetes Epidemic.

Chapter 1: The Origins and Dangers of Prediabetes.

Chapter 2: Suspecting Prediabetes in Yourself or a Loved One.

Chapter 3: Tracking the Transition from Prediabetes to Diabetes.

Chapter 4: Stopping Prediabetes in Its Tracks.

Part II: Food and Other Factors: Battling an Unhealthy Lifestyle.

Chapter 5: What’s in Your Kitchen? Identifying Problem Foods.

Chapter 6: Facing Your Weight.

Chapter 7: Stuck on the Couch: The Risks of Being Sedentary.

Chapter 8: Stressing Out.

Part III: Getting a Diagnosis.

Chapter 9: Spotting the Metabolic Syndrome.

Chapter 10: The Testing Spectrum: Having Essential Tests and Interpreting Results.

Chapter 11: Children and the Elderly: Special Considerations.

Part IV: The Dangers of Moving toward Diabetes.

Chapter 12: Dealing with Short-Term Complications.

Chapter 13: Suffering Long-Term Consequences.

Chapter 14: Risking Your Sexual Health: Sexual Function and Pregnancy.

Part V: Avoiding or Reversing Prediabetes.

Chapter 15: Shopping for Food in a New Way.

Chapter 16: Cooking and Eating for Health and Enjoyment.

Chapter 17: Maximizing Movement.

Chapter 18: Taking Medications or Supplements.

Chapter 19: Considering Bariatric Surgery.

Chapter 20: Putting Your Knowledge to Work: A Healthier You in Three Months.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Myths about Prediabetes.

Chapter 22: (More Than) Ten Staples to Keep in Your Kitchen.

Chapter 23: Ten Things to Teach Your Prediabetic Child.

Appendix: Additional Resources.


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