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Power Yoga For Dummies (0764553429) cover image

Power Yoga For Dummies

Doug Swenson, David Swenson (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-0-7645-5342-4
384 pages
June 2001
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PART I: Introducing Power yoga Basics.

Chapter 1: Power Yoga in a Nutshell.

Chapter 2: Powering Up Your Body.

Chapter 3: Sharing Power with Your Mind.

PART II: Preparing to Practice.

Chapter 4: Embracing Power Yoga Everyday.

Chapter 5: Getting the Skinny on Yoga Gear.

Chapter 6: Finding a Yoga Teacher.

PART III: Mastering the Basics.

Chapter 7: Using Your Power Yoga Tools.

Chapter 8: Unfurling the Lotus and Other Seated Poses.

Chapter 9: Preparing with Powerful Warm-Ups.

Chapter 10: Saluting the Sun and Linking Your Postures.

Chapter 11: Taking a Walk in the Park: A Minimum Power Routine.

Chapter 12: Following Buddha's Way: A Moderate Power Routine.

Chapter 13: Engaging the Force: A Full Power Routine.

Chapter 14: Dialing Down the Power.

PART IV: Focusing on Specific Areas.

Chapter 15: Bending Like Gumby: A Flexibility Workout.

Chapter 16: Taking on Xena and Hercules: Strengthening Postures.

Chapter 17: Riding with Lance Armstrong: Endurance Postures.

Chapter 18: Pumping Up Like Arnold for Ripping Abs and Arms.

PART V: Enhancing Your Practice.

Chapter 19: Empowering Women.

Chapter 20: Staying Young: Power Yoga for Seniors.

Chapter 21: Practicing Yoga Adjustments and Working with a Partner.

Chapter 22: Fueling Your Yoga Body.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Reasons to Turn On Your Power.

Chapter 24: Ten Secrets for Mastering Power Yoga.

Chapter 25: Ten Great Outdoor Practice Locations.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Yoga Vocabulary.

Appendix B: Yoga Resources.


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