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Portuguese For Dummies, 2nd Edition (111846124X) cover image

Portuguese For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-46124-2
384 pages
January 2013
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Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started  7

Chapter 1: You Already Know Some Portuguese! 9

Chapter 2: The Nitty-Gritty: Basic Portuguese Grammar 23

Chapter 3: Oi! Hello! Greetings and Introductions 37

Chapter 4: Getting Your Numbers, Times, and Measurements Straight 57

Chapter 5: Speaking Portuguese at Home 71

Part II: Portuguese in Action  91

Chapter 6: Getting to Know You: Small Talk 93

Chapter 7: Dining Out and Going to the Market 111

Chapter 8: Shopping 131

Chapter 9: Going Out on the Town 145

Chapter 10: Chatting About Business and the Economy 161

Chapter 11: Recreation and the Outdoors 177

Part III: Portuguese on the Go  193

Chapter 12: Planning a Trip 195

Chapter 13: Money, Money, Money 219

Chapter 14: Getting Around: Planes, Buses, Taxis, and More 229

Chapter 15: Going to Sporting Events 253

Chapter 16: O Carnaval! 269

Chapter 17: Me Ajuda! Help! Handling Emergencies 285

Part IV: The Part of Tens  299

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Pick Up Portuguese Quickly 301

Chapter 19: Ten Common Portuguese Slang Words 307

Chapter 20: Ten (Plus One) Terms That Make You Sound Fluent 311

Part V: Appendixes  315

Appendix A: Mini-Dictionary 317

Appendix B: Verb Tables 329

Appendix C: On the CD337

Appendix D: Answer Key 341

Index  343

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