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Pomeranians For Dummies (0470106026) cover image

Pomeranians For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-10602-0
300 pages
April 2007
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Part I: Pomeranians: What’s Not to Love?

Chapter 1: Catching Pomer-mania.

Chapter 2: What’s in a Pom?

Chapter 3: In Search of Your Soul Mate.

Chapter 4: The Final Selection: Picking Your Perfect Partner.

Part II: When Your House Becomes Your Pom’s Home.

Chapter 5: Prepare to Be Pomerized!

Chapter 6: Coming Home.

Chapter 7: Starting Off on the Right Paw: The First Few Days.

Part III: Caring for Your Pom from Head to Paw.

Chapter 8: Eating Out of the Pom of Your Hand.

Chapter 9: Primping Your Pom.

Chapter 10: Maintaining Your Pom’s Health and Happiness.

Chapter 11: Doctoring Your Dog.

Chapter 12: Traveling with a Pom Pilot (Or Leaving Him in Others’ Care).

Part IV: Training Your Pom with TLC.

Chapter 13: Saving the Carpets: Housetraining.

Chapter 14: Mastering Manners and Basic Commands.

Chapter 15: Dealing with Doggy Delinquents.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Cool Activities to Do with Your Pom.

Chapter 17: Ten Fun Facts about Poms.


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