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Pit Bulls For Dummies (1118069374) cover image

Pit Bulls For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06937-0
240 pages
April 2011
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PART I: Tough Love.

Chapter 1: Pitting and Petting: The Pit Bull's Past.

Chapter 2: Sizing Up the Pit Bull.

Chapter 3: Deciding If It's Bully for You.

Chapter 4: Shopping the Bull Market.

PART II: Your Pet Bull.

Chapter 5: Pit Projects.

Chapter 6: Living with Your Pit Bull.

PART III: Good Bull!

Chapter 7: Coping with a Pit Bull Terrorist.

Chapter 8: Training the Teacher's Pit.

Chapter 9: Going Out to the Bull Games.

PART IV: The Fit Pit.

Chapter 10: Feeding a Bottomless Pit Bull.

Chapter 11: Primping Your Pit Bull.

Chapter 12: A Clean Bull of Health.

Chapter 13: Sick as a Dog.

Chapter 14: Pit Bull First Aid.

Chapter 15: Staying Well Up in Years.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: More Than Ten Pit Bull Resources.

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Help the Pit Bull's Reputation.


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