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Physician Assistant Exam For Dummies (1118237609) cover image

Physician Assistant Exam For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-23760-1
504 pages
November 2012
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Introduction 1

Part I: Scratching the Surface of the PANCE and PANRE 7

Chapter 1: Becoming a Physician Assistant 9

Chapter 2: Presenting the PANCE and PANRE 13

Part II: Getting to the Heart of the Test: Four Foundational Systems 21

Chapter 3: Tending to the Heart and the Great Vessels 23

Chapter 4: Taking a Deep Breath: The Lungs 59

Chapter 5: Hungering for the Digestive System 83

Chapter 6: Knowing the Hard Facts about Bones and Joints 107

Part III: Reviewing Surgical Topics and Other Organ Systems 133

Chapter 7: Checking Out Common Surgical Topics 135

Chapter 8: Exploring Problems of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat 149

Chapter 9: Reviewing Reproductive Medicine 167

Chapter 10: Understanding the Genitourinary System 185

Part IV: Pursuing Primary Care, Pharmacology,

and Behavioral Health 213

Chapter 11: Prepping for Pediatrics 215

Chapter 12: Managing Health Maintenance and Medical Ethics 223

Chapter 13: Tending to Behavioral Health 235

Chapter 14: Focusing on Pharmacology and Toxicology 251

Part V: The Brain, Blood, Bugs, Skin, and Glands 265

Chapter 15: Evaluating the Endocrine System 267

Chapter 16: Keeping Neurology in Mind 287

Chapter 17: Touching on Dermatology 307

Chapter 18: Handling Hematology and Oncology 323

Chapter 19: Dealing with Bugs and Drugs: Infectious Diseases 345

Part VI: Tackling a PANCE Practice Test 361

Chapter 20: PANCE Practice Test 363

Chapter 21: PANCE Practice Test Answers and Explanations 413

Part VII: The Part of Tens 445

Chapter 22: The Top Ten (Plus a Bonus) Medical Triads 447

Chapter 23: Ten Important Medical Abbreviations 451

Chapter 24: Ten Mistakes that Test-Takers Make 455

Appendix A: About the CD 461

Index 465

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