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Photoshop Elements 3 For Dummies (0764570625) cover image

Photoshop Elements 3 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7062-9
422 pages
November 2004
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Part I: Element-ary School.

Chapter 1: Braving the Elements.

Chapter 2: Dissecting Your Desktop.

Chapter 3: “Open!” Says Me.

Chapter 4: Pixels: It’s Hip to Be Square.

Chapter 5: Over (and Under) the Rainbow.

Part II: Be Prepared.

Chapter 6: Get Organized (Before It Gets You).

Chapter 7: Saving with Grace.

Chapter 8: It’s Perfect. No, Wait! Okay, Print.

Chapter 9: Making Selections on the Pixel Prairie.

Chapter 10: Fifty Ways to Love Your Layer.

Part III: Realer Than Life.

Chapter 11: The Midas Retouch.

Chapter 12: Darkroom Déjà Vu.

Chapter 13: The Rainbow Correction.

Part IV: Unreality Programming.

Chapter 14: Startling Style.

Chapter 15: If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words . . . Then Shut Up and Paint.

Chapter 16: Painting with the Digital Stencil.

Chapter 17: Type Righter.

Chapter 18: Can Photoshop Elements Do That?

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Shortcuts to Commit to Long-Term Memory.

Chapter 20: Ten Reasons Why You Might Want to Upgrade to Photoshop Someday.


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