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Photoshop CS Timesaving Techniques For Dummies (0764567829) cover image

Photoshop CS Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-6782-7
439 pages
May 2004
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

Part I: Making Photoshop Work for You.

Technique 1: Organizing Image Files and Managing Projects.

Technique 2: Creating Custom Palette Groups and Workspaces.

Technique 3: Assigning Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

Technique 4: The Last Word about Color Management.

Technique 5: Making Image Editing Easier.

Technique 6: Creating Your Own Tool Presets.

Technique 7: Moving Back in Time: Getting Rid of Mistakes.

Technique 8: Creating Actions.

Technique 9: Automating Photoshop Functions.

Part II: Getting Images Into and Out of Photoshop.

Technique 10: Importing Images Using a Scanner.

Technique 11: Getting Professional Results with the Camera Raw Format.

Technique 12: Using Tablets and Pressure-Sensitive Devices.

Technique 13: Printing to a Desktop Printer.

Technique 14: Getting Files Ready for Offset Printing.

Part III: Using Layers to Save Time, Protect Your Work, and Create Cool Images.

Technique 15: Working with and Organizing Layers.9

Technique 16: Getting to Know Layer Comps.

Technique17: Enhancing Images with Blending Modes.

Technique 18: Transforming Images, Layers, and Selections.

Technique 19: Going Transparent with Opacity and Fill.

Technique 20: Creating Great Effects with Layer Styles.

Technique 21: Recoloring with Fill Layers.

Technique 22: Working with Adjustment Layers.

Part IV: Painting and Coloring to Enhance Your Images.

Technique 23: Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Creating Brushes.

Technique 24: Creating a Painting by Using an Image.

Technique 25: Painting Back in Time.

Technique 26: The Big Color Swap Meet.

Technique 27: Recoloring with Gradients.

Technique 28: Creating Custom Patterns.

Technique 29: Filling and Painting with Patterns.

Part V: Restoring and Retouching Images for Quick, Beautiful Results.

Technique 30: Enhancing Tone and Color.

Technique 31: Be Your Own Plastic Surgeon.

Technique 32: Getting Rid of Red Eye.

Technique 33: Adding Professional Photo Filter Effects.

Technique 34: Creating Grayscale Images: Your Choices and the Results.

Technique 35: Coloring and Tinting Black and White Photographs.

Technique 36: Stitching Photos to Create Panoramas.

Part VI: Amazing Fast Filter Effects.

Technique 37: Accenting with Sharpening or Blurring.

Technique 38: Painting Watercolors with Filters.

Technique 39: Making Images Look Like Pressed Tin.

Technique 40: Creating Photo Silkscreens.

Technique 41: Sketching with Filters.

Technique 42: I’ve Been Framed!

Technique 43: Dunking Images in Liquid.

Part VII: Super Type Effects.

Technique 44: Shadow Type.

Technique 45: Knock-Out Type.

Technique 46: Pouring Liquid Metals.

Technique 47: Going Up in Flames.

Technique 48: Going Translucent: Clear Type and Jelly Type.

Part VIII: Transforming Images Using Channels and Masks (It’s not as hard as you think!).

Technique 49: Working with Layer Masks.

Technique 50: Using Layer Masks to Create Fade Ins and Outs.

Technique 51: Grouping Layers into Clipping Masks.

Technique 52: Working with Channels.

Technique 53: Individual Channel Adjustments.

Technique 54: Mixing Color with Channels.

Part IX: Creating Flashy, Professional Web Graphics.

Technique 55: Getting to Know ImageReady.

Technique 56: Slicing Web Graphics.

Technique 57: Optimizing and Saving Images for the Web.

Technique 58: Creating Image Maps.

Technique 59: Making Your Graphics Rollover.

Technique 60: Making GIF Animations.

Technique 61: Creating Background Tiling for Web Pages.

Part X: The Scary (Or Fun) Stuff.

Technique 62: Installing Plug-Ins.

Technique 63: Enhancing Your Images with Auto FX Software.

Technique 64: Loading New Libraries.


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