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Photography For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0764541161) cover image

Photography For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4116-2
448 pages
October 2003
US $22.99 Add to Cart

Part I: What You Need to Take Pictures.

Chapter 1: Ladies and Gentlemen: Start Your Point-and-Shoots!

Chapter 2: How to Pick the Best Film.

Chapter 3: Making Your Photofinisher Work for You.

Part II: Working with Your Point-and-Shoot.

Chapter 4: Pictures à la Mode.

Chapter 5: Seeing through Your Camera.

Chapter 6: Focus Pocus: The Lens and Optical Magic.

Chapter 7: A Flash of Inspiration.

Chapter 8: Simplifying the Advanced Photo System.

Part III: The Art Part.

Chapter 9: Seeing the Light.

Chapter 10: Suitable for Framing: How to Compose a Good Photograph.

Part IV: Shoot to Thrill.

Chapter 11: Capturing Your Life: How to Keep a Photographic Diary.

Chapter 12: Capture the Action.

Chapter 13: Scene Stealing: Making Effective Landscape Photos.

Chapter 14: Have Camera, Will Travel.

Part V: The Digital Domain.

Chapter 15: Getting to Know Your Digital Point-and-Shoot.

Chapter 16: What to Do with Digital Pictures?

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Things to Think about When Buying a Point-and-Shoot Camera.

Chapter 18: Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Pictures Better.

Chapter 19: Ten Great Places to Take Pictures.

Chapter 20: Ten Things to Try If Your Camera Won’t Shoot.

Appendix A: Photospeak: A Short Glossary.

Appendix B: Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers.


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