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PCs For Dummies, 10th Edition (0471777994) cover image

PCs For Dummies, 10th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-77799-1
432 pages
October 2005
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Part I: Introducing the PC.

Chapter 1: Computer? PC? What’s That?

Chapter 2: The Nerd’s-Eye View.

Chapter 3: Insert Tab A into Slot B.

Chapter 4: Computer On, Computer Off.

Chapter 5: Places to Go, Things to See in Windows.7

Part II: Computer Guts.

Chapter 6: Inside the Box.

Chapter 7: The Basic Ports.

Chapter 8: Disk Drives Me Crazy.

Chapter 9: Memories . . . Like a PC Full of RAM.

Chapter 10: Minding Your Monitors.

Chapter 11: The Keyboard and Mouse Chapter.

Chapter 12: More than a Mortal Printer.

Chapter 13: The Mighty Morphin’ Power Modem.

Chapter 14: Sounds Like.

Chapter 15: Even More Hardware!

Part III: Networking Nonsense.

Chapter 16: Basic Painless Networking.

Chapter 17: Abusing the Network.

Chapter 18: Your Network and the Internet.

Chapter 19: Look, Ma: No Wires!

Part IV: The Soft Side of Computing.

Chapter 20: Files: The Key to Understanding Software.

Chapter 21: Organizing Your Compu-Junk.

Chapter 22: File Control.

Chapter 23: Software, Programs, Applications.

Chapter 24: Making Your Own CDs.

Chapter 25: Your Basic Internet Introduction.

Chapter 26: It’s a World Wide Web We Weave.

Chapter 27: Basic E-Mail.

Chapter 28: Files to Here, Files from There!

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 29: Ten Common Beginner Mistakes.

Chapter 30: Ten Things Worth Buying for Your PC.

Chapter 31: Ten Tips from a PC Guru.


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