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Online Business All-In-One For Dummies (0470516461) cover image

Online Business All-In-One For Dummies

Dan Matthews (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-51646-1
704 pages
February 2012
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Book I: E-Business 101.

Chapter 1: Can You Do the Business?

Chapter 2: Testing Feasibility.

Chapter 3: Preparing the Business Plan.

Chapter 4: Setting Off in the Right Direction.

Chapter 5: Harnessing Creativity in Your Business.

Chapter 6: Opening Your Own Online Business in Ten Easy Steps.

Book II: Setting Up Your Web Site.

Chapter 1: Finding the Money.

Chapter 2: Choosing and Equipping Your New E-Business.

Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Web Host and Design Tools.

Chapter 4: Giving Your E-Business Site Structure and Style.

Chapter 5: Building In Security Up Front.

Book III: Getting Known E-asily.

Chapter 1: Marketing Your Wares.

Chapter 2: Researching Your Customers, Competitors, and Industry.

Chapter 3: Getting Net-Savvy.

Chapter 4: Search Engines: What You Need to Know.

Chapter 5: Controlling the Message with Online Advertising.

Chapter 6: Spreading the Word with Internet PR.

Book IV: Keeping Business Ticking Over.

Chapter 1: Operating Effectively.

Chapter 2: Controlling Your Books, Your Records, and Your Money.

Chapter 3: Counting Your Sales.

Chapter 4: Monitoring and Improving Your Business.

Chapter 5: Making It All Legal.

Chapter 6: Online Business Accounting Tools.

Book V: Handling Customers and Staff.

Chapter 1: Employing People.

Chapter 2: Inspiring Employees to Better Performance.

Chapter 3: Harnessing the Power of Technology.

Chapter 4: Attracting and Keeping Customers.

Chapter 5: Accepting Payments.

Chapter 6: Service with a Virtual Smile.

Book VI: Using

Chapter 1: Why eBay Is a Great Place to Buy and Sell.

Chapter 2: Using to Launch Your Business.

Chapter 3: Running a Business on

Chapter 4: Opening a Shop, Virtually.

Chapter 5: Jazzing Up Your Auctions.

Chapter 6: Building an Back Office.

Book VII: Understanding Web 2.0.

Chapter 1: Profiting from New Business Tools.

Chapter 2: The Emergence of Web 2.0.


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