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OS X Mountain Lion For Dummies (1118461991) cover image

OS X Mountain Lion For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-46199-0
480 pages
July 2012
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Introduction  1

Part I: Introducing OS X Mountain Lion: The Basics  7

Chapter 1: OS X Mountain Lion 101 (Prerequisites: None) 9

Chapter 2: The Desktop and Windows and Menus (Oh My)! 25

Chapter 3: Have It Your Way 47

Chapter 4: What’s Up, Dock? 69

Chapter 5: The Finder and Its Desktop 87

Part II: Mountain Lion Taming (Or “Organization for Smart People”)  119

Chapter 6: The Care and Feeding of Files and Folders 121

Chapter 7: Four Terrifi c Timesaving Tools 163

Chapter 8: Dealing with Disks 183

Chapter 9: Organizing Your Life 193

Part III: Do Unto Mountain Lion: Getting Things Done  209

Chapter 10: Internet-Working 211

Chapter 11: Communications Made Easy 227

Chapter 12: The Musical Mac 257

Chapter 13: The Multimedia Mac 273

Chapter 14: Words and Letters 285

Part IV: Making This Mountain Lion Your Very Own  295

Chapter 15: Publish or Perish: The Fail-Safe Guide to Printing 297

Chapter 16: Sharing Your Mac and Liking It 313

Chapter 17: Features for the Way You Work 347

Part V: The Care and Feeding of Your Mountain Lion  369

Chapter 18: Safety First: Backups and Other Security Issues 371

Chapter 19: Utility Chest 387

Chapter 20: Troubleshooting OS X 399

Part VI: The Part of Tens  409

Chapter 21: Almost Ten Ways to Speed Up Your Mac Experience 411

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Make Your Mac Better by Throwing Money at It 421

Chapter 23: Ten (Or So) Great Websites for Mac Freaks 427

Appendix: Installing or Reinstalling OS X Mountain Lion (Only If You Have To) 435

Index  441

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