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Nutrition For Dummies, 2nd UK Edition (0470972769) cover image

Nutrition For Dummies, 2nd UK Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-97276-2
400 pages
January 2012
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Part I: The Basic Facts about Nutrition.

Chapter 1: What’s Nutrition, Anyway?

Chapter 2: Digestion: The 24-Hour Food Factory.

Chapter 3: Why You Eat When You Eat and Like What You Like.

Part II: What You Get from Food.

Chapter 4: Powerful Protein.

Chapter 5: The Lowdown on Fat and Cholesterol.

Chapter 6: Calories: The Energisers.

Chapter 7: Carbohydrates: A Complex Story.

Chapter 8: The Truth: The Alcohol Truth.

Chapter 9: Vigorous Vitamins.

Chapter 10: Mighty Minerals.

Chapter 11: Phabulous Phytochemicals.

Chapter 12: Water Works.

Part III: Healthy Eating.

Chapter 13: What Is a Healthy Diet?

Chapter 14: Making Wise Food Choices.

Chapter 15 : Ensuring Good Nutrition Whoever You Are.

Chapter 16: Being Nutritionally Savvy for When You’re Out and About.

Chapter 17 : Looking at Standards in Schools and Other Institutions.

Part IV: Processed Food.

Chapter 18: What Is Processed Food?

Chapter 19: Cooking and Keeping Food.

Chapter 20: Weird Science: Examining Food Additives.

Part V: Food and Health.

Chapter 21: Food and Allergies.

Chapter 22: Food and the Brain.

Chapter 23: Food and Medicine.

Chapter 24: Dietary Supplements.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 25: Ten Nutrition Websites You Can Trust.

Chapter 26 Ten Superfoods.

Chapter 27: Ten Fad Diets: The Truth Behind the Headlines.


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