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Nostradamus For Dummies (076458412X) cover image

Nostradamus For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-8412-1
384 pages
May 2005
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Part I: Nostradamus, This Is Your Life!

Chapter 1: The Stuff Legends Are Made Of.

Chapter 2: Winds of Change: Renaissance Life.

Chapter 3: The Man Behind the Legend.

Part II: The Big Influences on Nostradamus.

Chapter 4: People, Events, and Institutions that Shaped Nostradamus’s Prophecies.

Chapter 5: The Motivations and Methods of Nostradamus.

Chapter 6: Peeling Back the Layers of the Prophecies.

Part III: The Prophecies From Nostradamus’s Time to Napoleon.

Chapter 7: Predictions that Created a Legendary Beginning.

Chapter 8: Foreseeing Royally Good (and Dangerous) Times.

Chapter 9: Royal Betrayal and the French Revolution.

Chapter 10: Suffering from a Napoleon Complex.

Part IV: The Prophecies of the Modern Era.

Chapter 11: Revealing Times of War.

Chapter 12: Focusing on Hitler and World War II.

Chapter 13: Telling the Tales of the Three Antichrists.

Chapter 14: Taking a Technological Tour.

Chapter 15: Playing Politics: People and Events of the 20th Century.

Chapter 16: Looking at Events in the New Millennium.

Part V: The Prophecies of a Future Era.

Chapter 17: The Future of Religion and the Family.

Chapter 18: Foreseeing Disasters in Our Future.

Chapter 19: Looking Toward the Age of Aquarius.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Insights into the Life and Mind of Nostradamus.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Exploring The Prophecies on Your Own.

Chapter 22: Ten Tips on Finding Quality Resources.

Appendix: A Brief Chronology of Nostradamus’s Life and Times.


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