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Ning For Dummies (0470453176) cover image

Ning For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-45317-9
360 pages
April 2009
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: An Overview of Ning.

Chapter 1: Exploring Ning.

Chapter 2: Joining an Existing Network on Ning.

Chapter 3: Privacy, E-Mails, and Friends on Ning.

Part II: Using an Existing Network on Ning.

Chapter 4: Adding Multimedia Content to the Network.

Chapter 5: Communicating with Others on the Network.

Chapter 6: Interacting with Others on the Network.

Part III: Creating and Managing Your Own Social Network.

Chapter 7: Setting Up a Network on Ning.

Chapter 8: Changing Your Network’s Appearance.

Chapter 9: Tweaking Your Network’s Main Page.

Chapter 10: Managing Members and Profi le Pages.

Chapter 11: Managing the Forum, Notes, and Chats.

Chapter 12: Managing Multimedia, Groups, and Events.

Chapter 13: Enlisting Help to Manage the Network.

Part IV: Promoting Your Network.

Chapter 14: Inviting Others to the Network.

Chapter 15: Promoting Your Network.

Chapter 16: Using Google Analytics to Learn More about Your Network.

Chapter 17: Keeping Your Network’s Members Coming Back.

Part V: Advanced Tips and Tricks.

Chapter 18: Purchasing Premium Services.

Chapter 19: Breaking the CSS Code.

Chapter 20: Using the Language Editor.

Chapter 21: OpenSocial Applications in Your Network.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Monetize Your Network.

Chapter 23: Almost Ten Ways to Make Your Network Rock.

Chapter 24: Ten Handy Tools to Help You Run Your Network.

Chapter 25: Ten Ideas for a Network on Ning.

Appendix: Ning Resources.


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