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Neuromarketing For Dummies (1118518586) cover image

Neuromarketing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-51858-8
408 pages
August 2013
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Introduction  1

Part I: The Brave New World of Neuromarketing 5

Chapter 1: What Neuromarketing Is and Isn’t 7

Chapter 2: What We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Then 21

Chapter 3: Putting Neuromarketing to Work 37

Chapter 4: Why Neuromarketing Matters 59

Part II: The Essence of Neuromarketing: The Nonconscious Mind of the Consumer 71

Chapter 5: The Intuitive Consumer: Nonconscious Processes Underlying Consumer Behavior 73

Chapter 6: The Central Role of Emotions in Consumer Responses 93

Chapter 7: New Understandings of Consumer Goals and Motivation 105

Chapter 8: Why We Buy the Things We Buy 119

Part III: Neuromarketing in Action 137

Chapter 9: Brands on the Brain 139

Chapter 10: Creating Products and Packages That Please Consumers’ Brains 157

Chapter 11: Advertising Effectiveness 175

Chapter 12: The Shopping Brain and In-Store Marketing 191

Chapter 13: When Consumers’ Brains Go Online 203

Chapter 14: Entertainment Effectiveness 219

Part IV: Measuring Consumer Response with Neuromarketing 235

Chapter 15: Traditional Approaches: Why Not Just Ask People? 237

Chapter 16: Neuromarketing Measures: Listening to Signals from the Body and the Brain 249

Chapter 17: Neuromarketing on a Budget: Inexpensive Ways to Learn from Your Customers 269

Chapter 18: Picking the Right Approach for Your Research Needs 285

Part V: Living with Neuromarketing: Practical and Ethical Considerations 297

Chapter 19: Five Things You Need to Know about Neuromarketing Studies and Measures 299

Chapter 20: A Pre-Flight Checklist for Successful Neuromarketing Studies 317

Chapter 21: Picking the Right Neuromarketing Partner 327

Chapter 22: Neuromarketing Ethics, Standards, and Public Policy Implications 343

Part VI: The Part of Tens 359

Chapter 23: Ten Mistaken Beliefs about Neuromarketing 361

Chapter 24: Ten Scientific Pillars Underlying Neuromarketing 371

Index  379

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