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Network Security For Dummies (0764516795) cover image

Network Security For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-1679-5
408 pages
October 2002
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Part I: The Path to Network Security.

Chapter 1: Starting Down the Road to Network Security.

Chapter 2: Evaluating and Documenting Your Network Situation.

Chapter 3: Assessing the Risks.

Chapter 4: Planning and Implementing Security Policies and Procedures.

Part II: Your Network Is Your Business.

Chapter 5: Choosing Controls without Breaking the Bank.

Chapter 6: You Could Be Liable If.

Chapter 7: Building a Secure Network from Scratch.

Part III: The All-Important Security Mechanisms.

Chapter 8: Anti-Virus Software.

Chapter 9: Firewalls and Brimstone.

Chapter 10: Intrusion Detection Systems.

Chapter 11: Access Controls/Privileges.

Part IV: Special Needs Networking.

Chapter 12: When Patchwork Doesn't Mean Quilting: Unix Systems.

Chapter 13: Boarding Up Your MS Windows.

Chapter 14: Is Anything Eating Your Mac?

Chapter 15: Application Software Patching.

Chapter 16: Very Precious Network Security.

Chapter 17: Securing Your Wireless Network.

Chapter 18: E-Commerce Special Needs.

Part V: Dealing with the Unthinkable.

Chapter 19: Emergency! Incident Response.

Chapter 20: Disaster Recovery.

Chapter 21: Who Did the Dirty: Computer Forensics.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Best Security Practices.

Chapter 23: Ten Best Security Web Sites.

Chapter 24: Ten Security Tools Every Network Security Geek Should Have.

Chapter 25: Ten Questions to Ask a Security Consultant.

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