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Network Marketing For Dummies (0764552929) cover image

Network Marketing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5292-2
408 pages
January 2001
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PART I: Why Network Marketing Works.

Chapter 1: Don't Laugh - $100 Billion a Year Is Serious Business.

Chapter 2: Coming of Age: The Future Belongs to Network Marketing.

Chapter 3: Deciding Whether Network Marketing Will Work for You.

PART II: Finding and Evaluating the Opportunities.

Chapter 4: Investigating Before You Invest.

Chapter 5: Evaluating Network Marketing Companies.

Chapter 6: Evaluating a Company's Management Team.

Chapter 7: Evaluating a Company's Products and Services.

Chapter 8: Evaluating Your Opportunity to Earn Money.

PART III: Signing Up and Setting Up for Success.

Chapter 9: Organizing Your Business.

Chapter 10: Knowing What to Do After You Sign Up.

Chapter 11: Sponsoring, Training, and Motivating People in Your Downline.

PART IV: Sales and Marketing Skills to Help You Build Your Business.

Chapter 12: Know Thy Customer.

Chapter 13: Determining a Customer's Value.

Chapter 14: The Art of Prospecting.

Chapter 15: When the Prospect Says Yes, You Shout ... "Hallelujah!".

Chapter 16: Deciding On the Best Ways to Attract Customers.

Chapter 17: Marketing Activities 101.

Chapter 18: "But I Don't Want to Be a Salesperson!".

Chapter 19: Taking Your Sales Skills to a Higher Level.

Chapter 20: Creating Satisfied, Loyal Customers.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Plus Two Resources for Network Marketers.

Chapter 22: Ten Characteristics of Top Network Marketers.

Chapter 23: Ten Business-Enhancing Ideas.

Chapter 24: Ten Questions That You'll Probably Ask about Network Marketing.

Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Get a Quick Start in Network Marketing.

Appendix: Glossary of Terms.


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