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Native American History For Dummies (0470148411) cover image

Native American History For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-14841-9
388 pages
October 2007
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Part I: America Before It Was "America".

Chapter 1: The Rich, Troubled Past of the American Indian.

Chapter 2: The Great Migrations.

Chapter 3: The Development of the Ancient Cultures.

Chapter 4: Hardly a Vast Wasteland: America before 1492.

Chapter 5: Settling Down: Tribal Settlements after the Great Migrations.

Chapter 6: The Five Civilized Tribes.

Chapter 7: A Tally of Important Tribes.

Part II: Interacting with Others.

Chapter 8: "Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue".

Chapter 9: The Spanish and French Stake Their Claims.

Chapter 10: Native American Chiefs and Notable Women.

Chapter 11: Battle Cries and Peace Pipes.

Chapter 12: Delving into the Details of U.S.-Indian Relations.

Part III: Working for a Living.

Chapter 13: Mother Love.

Chapter 14: Dressing for Purpose and Pride.

Chapter 15: Home, Native Home.

Chapter 16: Tools and Transportation.

Part IV: All in the (Native American) Family.

Chapter 17: Tribes, Clans, and Bands.

Chapter 18: Native Languages.

Chapter 19: The Faith of Their Fathers . . . And How Native Americans Worship Today.

Part V: In a Modern World Not of Their Making.

Chapter 20: The Slow Dwindling of Native Americans.

Chapter 21: What’s a Tribe, Who’s an Indian, and What’s the BIA Got to Do With It.

Chapter 22: Native Americans: Today and Tomorrow.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Native American Museums and Cultural Centers.

Chapter 24: Ten (Plus) Worthy Movies and Documentaries about Native Americans and Their History.


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