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NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition (1118440439) cover image

NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-44043-8
224 pages
October 2012
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Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Your NOOK Color 5

Chapter 2: Handling the NOOK Simple Touch  39

Chapter 3: Reading, Gesturing, and Socializing  59

Chapter 4: Building and Managing Your Library  97

Chapter 5: Doing Tougher Stuff: Wireless, Side-Loading, Adding, Updating  129

Chapter 6: Going Online, Grabbing Mail, and Getting ’Appy with NOOK Color  143

Chapter 7: Ten-Plus Tips and Tricks  183

Bonus Chapter  www.dummies.com/go/nookereadersfdpe

Index  199

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