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Music Composition For Dummies (0470289937) cover image

Music Composition For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-28993-8
360 pages
April 2008
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Part I: Basics and Rhythm.

Chapter 1: Thinking Like a Composer.

Chapter 2: Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 3: Musical Scrapbooks: Writing on Paper and Screen.

Chapter 4: Rhythm and Mood.

Part II: Melody and Development.

Chapter 5: Finding Melodies Where You Least Expect Them.

Chapter 6: Scales and Modes, Moods and Melodies.

Chapter 7: Building Melodies Using Motifs and Phrases.

Chapter 8: Developing Your Melodies.

Part III: Harmony and Structure.

Chapter 9: Harmonizing with Melodies.

Chapter 10: Composing with Chords.

Chapter 11: Composing from the Void.

Chapter 12: Beginnings, Middles, and Endings.

Chapter 13: Musical Forms.

Part IV: Orchestration and Arrangement.

Chapter 14: Composing for the Standard Orchestra.

Chapter 15: Composing for the Nonstandard Orchestra.

Chapter 16: Composing for Multiple Voices.

Chapter 17: Composing Commercial Music and Songs.

Chapter 18: Composing Electronic Music.

Chapter 19: Composing for Other Musicians.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Composers You Should Know About.

Chapter 21: Nine Career Opportunities for Composers.

Chapter 22: Ten Recommended Books for Composers.

Chapter 23: Ten Periods of Music History to Explore.

Appendix A: Modes and Chords Reference.

Appendix B: Glossary.


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