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Motorcycling For Dummies (1118068424) cover image

Motorcycling For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06842-7
342 pages
April 2011
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Part I: The Mysterious World of Motorcycling.

Chapter 1: The Allure of Motorcycling: Six Million Motorcyclists Can’t Be Wrong.

Chapter 2: From the First Wooden Horse to Today’s Iron Pony.

Chapter 3: You Wouldn’t Fly a Jet Without Training, Would You?

Part II: Welcome to the Club.

Chapter 4: Bikes and Biker Culture: You Are What You Ride.

Chapter 5: Dress for Success.

Chapter 6: Leather and Lace: Women in Motorcycling.

Chapter 7: What to Do if Your Kid Wants to Ride Too.

Part III: You and Your Machine.

Chapter 8: First Bikes.

Chapter 9: Buying a Bike: What You Must Know.

Chapter 10: Ensuring You’re Insured.

Chapter 11: Keeping Your Bike in Tiptop Shape.

Chapter 12: Customizing: How to Make Your Bike Your Own.

Part IV: Let’s Ride!

Chapter 13: Preparing to Hit the Road.

Chapter 14: Street Survival: Staying Safe.

Chapter 15: Advanced Riding Techniques: Staying Safer.

Chapter 16: Exploring by Motorcycle.

Chapter 17: Travel Tips: What You Need to Know from Weather to Luggage.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (Plus One) Can’t-Miss Events.

Chapter 19: Ten Great Motorcycling Groups.

Chapter 20: Ten Great People in Motorcycling.

Chapter 21: Ten Must-See Motorcycling Movies.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: A Motorcycling Glossary: Talking the Talk.

Appendix B: State Motorcycling Laws.

Appendix C: A Motorcyclist’s Resource Guide.


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