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More Windows 98 For Dummies (0764502344) cover image

More Windows 98 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0234-7
358 pages
June 1998
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PART I: More on Everyday Stuff.

Chapter 1: A Bit o' the Basics.

Chapter 2: Installing New Software.

Chapter 3: Wallowing in Wallpaper, Screen Savers, Icons, Fonts, Sounds, and Drivers.

Chapter 4: Uh, Which Version of Windows Does What?

PART II: Entering the Internet with Windows 98.

Chapter 5: The Internet and Outright Exhaustion.

Chapter 6: Outlook Express: The E-Mail Lasso.

Chapter 7: Taming the Active Desktop.

Chapter 8: Rolling Your Own Web Page.

PART III: Getting More Out of Windows 98.

Chapter 9: Stuffing Windows onto a Laptop.

Chapter 10: Sound! Movies! TV! Multimedia Stuff!

Chapter 11: My Mouse Still Doesn't Work!

PART IV: More Advanced Ugly Tasks Explained Carefully.

Chapter 12: Unzipping a File.

Chapter 13: Getting Rid of It!

Chapter 14: Making Games (Er, DOS Programs) Run Right.

Chapter 15: Fun Windows 98 Products to Rush Out and Buy.

Chapter 16: Are These Files Important?

Chapter 17: Networking (Not Working) with Windows 98.

PART V: More Shortcuts and Tips Galore.

Chapter 18: A Grab Bag of Tricks.

Chapter 19: Speedy Menu Shortcuts.

Chapter 20: Tips for Windows Explorer and My Computer.

Chapter 21: Desktop Tips and Tricks.

Chapter 22: Whoops! Make It Go Back the Other Way!

Chapter 23: The Secret Credits Screen.

Appendix: Should I Upgrade to Windows NT?


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