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Mobile Internet For Dummies (0470239530) cover image

Mobile Internet For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-23953-7
296 pages
July 2008
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Part I: Welcome to the Mobile Internet.

Chapter 1: What Is the Mobile Internet?

Chapter 2: The Mobile Internet at School, at Work, and at Play.

Chapter 3: Kids and the Mobile Internet.

Part II: Mobile Internet, Here It Is — Now What?!

Chapter 4: The Internet in Your Pocket: Choosing a Phone and Mobile Browser.

Chapter 5: Getting On the Mobile Internet: Wireless Carriers and Service Plans.

Part III: Mobile Internet Mania for the Everyday Consumer.

Chapter 6: Trading Text and Picture Messages.

Chapter 7: Browsing the Web from the Palm of Your Hand.

Chapter 8: Mobile Search: Find What You Want, When You Want It.

Chapter 9: Multimedia Entertainment for Your Phone.

Chapter 10: Keep Me Posted: E-Mail and Instant Messaging Go Mobile.

Chapter 11: Let’s Make a Mobile Deal: Shopping and Coupons.

Chapter 12: Mobile Access to Your Money.

Part IV: I Want My Own Mobile Internet Space.

Chapter 13: Staking Your Claim in the Mobile Internet World.

Chapter 14: Creating Content, Social Networking and Blogging from Your Mobile Phone.

Chapter 15: Building and Developing Mobile Web Sites.

Chapter 16: Making Money on the Mobile Internet.

Chapter 17: A Mobile Internet Web Development Resource Guide.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Fun Things You Can Do On the Mobile Internet.

Chapter 19: Ten Things to Avoid.

Chapter 20: Ten Frequently Asked Questions.



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