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Mindfulness For Dummies (0470660864) cover image

Mindfulness For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-66086-7
336 pages
August 2010
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Part I: Introducing Mindfulness.

Chapter 1: Discovering Mindfulness.

Chapter 2: Enjoying the Benefi ts of Mindfulness.

Part II: Preparing the Ground for Mindful Living.

Chapter 3: Nurturing Your Motivation.

Chapter 4: Growing Healthy Attitudes.

Chapter 5: Humans Being Versus Humans Doing.

Part III: Practising Mindfulness.

Chapter 6: Getting Into Formal Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

Chapter 7: Using Mindfulness for Yourself and Others.

Chapter 8: Using Mindfulness in Your Daily Life.

Chapter 9: Establishing Your Own Mindfulness Routine.

Chapter 10: Dealing with Setbacks and Avoiding Distractions.

Part IV: Reaping the Rewards of Mindfulness.

Chapter 11: Discovering Greater Happiness.

Chapter 12: Reducing Stress, Anger and Fatigue.

Chapter 13: Using Mindfulness to Combat Anxiety and Depression.

Chapter 14: Getting Physical: Healing the Body.

Chapter 15: Coaching Children in Mindfulness.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Top Tips for Mindful Living.

Chapter 17: Ten Ways Mindfulness Can Really Help You.

Chapter 18: Ten Mindfulness Myths to Expose.

Chapter 19: Ten Paths to Further Study.


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