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Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies (0764553046) cover image

Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5304-2
408 pages
November 2000
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Other Available Formats: E-book


PART I: Setting Out on the Mind-Body Path.

Chapter 1: Making the Mind-Body Connection.

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Path.

Chapter 3: Finding What You Need: Garments, Gear, Space, and Instruction.

Chapter 4: Bringing You All the Movement Basics.

PART II: The Science and Art of Mind-Body Methods.

Chapter 5: Getting Your Mind and Body Fit and Healthy.

Chapter 6: Managing Your Health Mindfully.

PART III: Yoga Primer and Postures.

Chapter 7: You Go, Yoga! The Basics and Benefits.

Chapter 8: Preparing Yoga Postures.

Chapter 9: Lining Up Your Yoga Sequence.

PART IV: The Flow of Ancient Chinese Mind-Body Arts.

Chapter 10: Slowing Down with Tai Chi Chuan.

Chapter 11: Finding Your Inner Fountain of Energy with Qigong.

Chapter 12: Mixing and Matching Chinese Mind-Body Arts.

PART V: Presenting Pilates.

Chapter 13: Benefitting from the Power of Pilates Movement.

Chapter 14: Performing Pilates-Inspired Exercise.

Chapter 15: Picking a Pilates Lineup.

PART VI: Exploring More Mind-Body Methods.

Chapter 16: Trying Out the Modern Classics.

Chapter 17: Meeting the New Kids on the Mind-Body Block.

PART VII: Pulling It All Together.

Chapter 18: Making Mind-Body Your Fitness Lifestyle.

Chapter 19: Fitting Mind-Body Methods into a Complete Picture.

PART VIII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Reasons to Try Mind-Body Workouts.

Chapter 21: Ten Physical Benefits to No-Pain, You-Gain Mind-Body Fitness.

Chapter 22: Ten Times to Take a Mind-Body Moment.

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for Finding the Best Teacher, Class, or Video.

Appendix: Your Resource for More Mind-Body Fitness Ideas.


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