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Migraines For Dummies (1118069838) cover image

Migraines For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06983-7
336 pages
April 2011
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Part I: Looking at the Big Picture: Migraines Demystified.

Chapter 1: Knowing What You’re Dealing With: An Overview.

Chapter 2: Coping with the Symptoms.

Chapter 3: Knowing Your Foes.

Part II: Getting Diagnosed.

Chapter 4: Distinguishing a Migraine from Other Head Pain.

Chapter 5: Finding a Good Migraine Doctor.

Chapter 6: Having Your Head Examined and Coming Up with a Plan.

Part III: Giving Migraines a Knockout Punch.

Chapter 7: Spelling Relief without a Prescription.

Chapter 8: Taking Care of Pain with Prescription Drugs.

Chapter 9: Sampling Alternative Remedies.

Chapter 10: Making Medical Decisions Even When You’re Migraine-Hazy.

Part IV: Committing to Lifestyle Changes.

Chapter 11: Catching and Rejecting Food Triggers.

Chapter 12: Getting Physical with Your Migraines.

Chapter 13: Eyeballing Environmental Enemies.

Chapter 14: Looking at the Link between Migraines and Sleep.

Part V: Staying Connected to the People in Your Life.

Chapter 15: Living the Good Life Despite Migraines.

Chapter 16: Managing Migraines at Work.

Chapter 17: Handling Your Homelife.

Part VI: Managing Special-Situation Migraines.

Chapter 18: Spotting the Dangerous Headache.

Chapter 19: Let’s Hear It for the Girls: Hormonal Migraines.

Chapter 20: Helping a Child with Migraines.

Chapter 21: Holding Off the Sex Migraine.

Chapter 22: Sideswiping Migraines Caused by Stress.

Chapter 23: The Senioring Effect: Aging and Migraines.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten Tips for Dealing with Folks Who Don’t Get Migraines.

Chapter 25: Ten Things You Can Do for the Migraine Sufferer You Love.

Chapter 26: Eleven Ways NOT to Treat a Migraine.


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