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Microsoft Works 6 for Windows For Dummies (0764507877) cover image

Microsoft Works 6 for Windows For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0787-8
432 pages
January 2001
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PART I: Survival Skills.

Chapter 1: Wanna Start Something?

Chapter 2: Wrestling with Windows and Files.

Chapter 3: Basic Editing and Formatting.

Chapter 4: Putting Print on Paper.

PART II: Doing Anything Instantly (Or Almost).

Chapter 5: Timesaving Tasks and Templates.

Chapter 6: Creating an Address Book.

Chapter 7: Almost Instant Letters and Envelopes.

Chapter 8: Almost Instant Labels and Junk Mail.

Chapter 9: Almost Instant Ads and Newsletters.

Chapter 10: Almost Instant Databases.

Chapter 11: Almost Instant Graphs and Charts.

Chapter 12: Almost Instant Art.

PART III: Pursuing the Wily Word Processor.

Chapter 13: In Search of the Wily Word Processor.

Chapter 14: Hacking through the Jungle of Your Text.

Chapter 15: Keeping Up Appearances.

Chapter 16: Fancier Word Processing Documents.

PART IV: Setting Sail with Spreadsheets.

Chapter 17: Spreading Your First Sheets.

Chapter 18: Making Calculations.

Chapter 19: Tidying Up and Printing Your Spreadsheets.

PART V: Doing Active Duty at the Database.

Chapter 20: Reporting for Duty at the Database.

Chapter 21: Making Changes in Your Database.

Chapter 22: Finding and Filtering Your Data.

Chapter 23: Sorting, Reporting, and Calculating.

PART VI: Being Online and On Time.

Chapter 24: Exploring with Internet Explorer.

Chapter 25: Reaching Out with Outlook Express.

Chapter 26: Time Traveling with Calendar.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 27: Ten Things NOT to Do.

Chapter 28: Ten Solutions to Common Problems.


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