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Microsoft Outlook 2000 for Windows For Dummies (0764504711) cover image

Microsoft Outlook 2000 for Windows For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0471-6
384 pages
May 1999
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PART I: The Outlook Lookout.

Chapter 1: This Is Yor Life with Outlook.

Chapter 2: Inside Outlook: Mixing, Matching, and Managind Information.

Chapter 3: No Typing Please! Drag 'til You Drop.

Chapter 4: Files and Files: A Quick Course in Keeping You Safe.

Chapter 5: How You See It: Views and New Views.

Chapter 6: Creating Your Own Forms.

PART II: E-Mail and Contacts: Not Just Playing Post Office.

Chapter 7: E-Mail: Basic Delivery.

Chapter 8: E-Mail: Special Delivery.

Chapter 9: Sorting Your Mail.

Chapter 10: Your Little Black Book: Creating Contact Lists.

Chapter 11: Big-Time Outlook: Using Microsoft Exchange.

Chapter 12: Outlook at Home: Using Microsoft Exchange.

PART III: Taking Care of Business.

Chapter 13: Days and Dates: Keeping Your Calendar.

Chapter 14: A Sticky Subject: Using Notes.

Chapter 15: Journaling.

Chapter 16: Do It Yourself: Scheduling Your Own Tasks.

Chapter 17: Outlook Express Getting the Scoop on Newsgroups.

Chapter 18: Mail Merge from Outlook to Microsoft Word.

Chapter 19: The Net Effect: Sharing Information with Net Folders.

PART IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten (Plus One) Shortcuts.

Chapter 21: Ten Shortcuts Worth Taking.

Chapter 22: Let's Go Surfin' Now: Ten Ways to Use Outlook with the Internet.

Chapter 23: Ten Things You Can't Do with Outlook.

Chapter 24: Ten Thing You Can Do After You're Comfy.

Chapter 25: Top Ten Accessories for Outlook.


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