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Microsoft Office 2000 9 in 1 For Dummies Desk Reference (0764503332) cover image

Microsoft Office 2000 9 in 1 For Dummies Desk Reference

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Book 1: Windows 98.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Windows 98 Desktop.

Chapter 2: Getting Started (And Stopped) in Windows 98.

Chapter 3: Working with Windows (Within Windows).

Chapter 4: Dealing with Toolbars.

Chapter 5: Dialog Boxes and Menus.

Chapter 6: The Lowdown on Files and Folders.

Chapter 7: File and Folder Management.

Chapter 8: Getting Involved with the Active Desktop.

Windows 98 Index.

Book 2: Word 2000.

Chapter 1: Word 101.

Chapter 2: Saving, Naming, Deleting, and Exiting.

Chapter 3: Changing the Look of Your Document.

Chapter 4: Editing Made Easy.

Chapter 5: Basic Formatting.

Chapter 6: Advanced Formatting.

Chapter 7: Envelopes, Labels, and Form Letters.

Chapter 8: Making Your Work Go Faster.

This Time.

Chapter 9: Getting Really.

Chapter 10: Constructing the Perfect Table.

Chapter 11: Drawing and Inserting Things into Your Document.

Chapter 12: Doing Some Desktop Publishing.

Chapter 13: Web Publishing.

Word 200 Index.

Book 3: Excel 2000.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Excel 2000.

Chapter 2: Working with Workbook Files.

Chapter 3: Working with the Worksheets in Your Workbook.

Chapter 4: Entering Worksheet Data.

Chapter 5: Editing the Data You Enter.

Chapter 6: Making Your Work Look Good.

Chapter 7: Selecting, Copying, and Moving Your Data.

Chapter 8: Using Formulas and Functions.

Chapter 9: Managing and Analyzing Your Data.

Chapter 10: Taking Advantage of Pivot Tables.

Chapter 11: Charting the Excel Way.

Changing a chart's location.

Chapter 12: Getting Your Work on the Web.

Excel 2000 Index.

Book 4: Access 2000.

Chapter 1: Access Basics.

Chapter 2: Creating and Navigating a Database.

Chapter 3: Tables: A Home for Your Data.

Chapter 4: Getting Your Tables Just Right.

Chapter 5: Working with Fields.

Chapter 6: Manipulating Your Data.

Chapter 7: Queries: Getting Answers from Your Data.

Chapter 8: More Fun with Queries.

Chapter 9: Using Aggregate Calculations and Building Expressions.

Chapter 10: Reporting Results.

Chapter 11: Changing the Look of Your Report.

Chapter 12: Forms for Displaying and Entering Data.

Access 2000 Index.

Book 5: Outlook 2000.

Chapter 1: All About Outlook.

Chapter 2: Getting Going with E-Mail.

Chapter 3: Reading and Replying to Your Mail.

Chapter 4: Making Your E-Mail Life Easier.

Chapter 5: Using the Calendar.

Chapter 6: Tasks for Everyone.

Chapter 7: Working with Your Contacts.

Chapter 8: Tracking Activities with Journals.

Chapter 9: Managing Outlook Notes.

Outlook 2000 Index.

Book 6: PowerPoint 2000.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with a PowerPoint Presentation.

Chapter 2: Sliding into Your Presentation.

Chapter 3: Laying the Groundwork with Templates.

Chapter 4: Using and Abusing Masters.

Chapter 5: Adding Text to Your Presentation.

Chapter 6: Making Your Text Look Presentable.

Chapter 7: Getting Visual.

Chapter 8: Manipulating Your Multimedia.

Chapter 9: Making a Graph(ical) Presentation.

Chapter 10: Planning the Presentation.

Chapter 11: Showing Off Your Work.

Chapter 12: Publishing Your Presentation.

PowerPoint 2000 Index.

Book 7: FrontPage 2000.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know FrontPage 2000.

Chapter 2: Starting Your Webbing .

Chapter 3: Getting Organized Before It's Too Late.

Chapter 4: Laying the Groundwork for Your Web Pages.

Chapter 5: Getting the Basics on Your Page.

Chapter 6: Giving Your Pages Something to Look At.

Chapter 7: Image Editing for Everyone

Chapter 8: Publishing Your Web Pages.

FrontPage 2000 Index.

Book 8: Publisher 2000.

Chapter 1: Publisher 101.

Chapter 2: Working with Pages.

Chapter 3: Objects and Frames.

Chapter 4: Getting the Word.

Chapter 5: You Ought to Be in Pictures.

Chapter 6: Spinning a Web Site.

Publisher 2000 Index.

Book 9: PhotoDraw 2000.

Chapter 1: Your Personal Tour.

Chapter 2: Getting Pictures into PhotoDraw.

Chapter 3: Fixing Photos.

Chapter 4: Adding Text and Dressing Up Photos.

Chapter 5: Dressed Up and Someplace to Go.

PhotoDraw 2000 Index.


Appendix A: Starting, Surviving, and Getting Help.

Appendix B: Printing an Office 2000 Document.

Appendix C: Binding Office 2000 Documents Together.


Book Registration Information.

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