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Mediterranean Diet For Dummies (111871525X) cover image

Mediterranean Diet For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-71525-3
312 pages
September 2013
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with the Mediterranean Diet 5

Chapter 1: A Guided Tour through the Mediterranean Diet 7

Chapter 2: Opa! Reasons to Celebrate the Mediterranean Diet 21

Part II: Common Ailments and the Positive Effects of the Mediterranean Diet 37

Chapter 3: Heart Disease and Heart Attackackackack: What You Ought to Know by Now 39

Chapter 4: High Blood Pressure and Stroke: A Lowdown Dirty Shame 57

Chapter 5: Digging into Facts about Diabetes 71

Chapter 6: Wrestling with Obesity 91

Chapter 7: The Topic of Cancer 107

Part III: Digging Deeper into the Mediterranean Diet 121

Chapter 8: The Miracle of Olive Oil 123

Chapter 9: Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes 135

Chapter 10: Fruits and Veggies: Key Parts of This Plant-Based Diet 147

Chapter 11: Great Grains 161

Chapter 12: Seafood and Animal Protein 173

Chapter 13: The Wonders of Wine 187

Part IV: Enjoying Life the Mediterranean Way 197

Chapter 14: Integrating the Mediterranean Diet into Your Life 199

Chapter 15: Eating Mediterranean When Money and Time Are Tight 215

Chapter 16: Recipes to Tempt Your Tastebuds 227

Part V: The Part of Tens 259

Chapter 17: A Taste of the Mediterranean: Top Ten Herbs and Spices 261

Chapter 18: Ten Studies on or Related to the Mediterranean Diet 269

Chapter 19: Ten Easy but Effective Ways to Give Your Life a Mediterranean Boost 275

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 279

Index 283

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