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Medical Ethics For Dummies (0470946482) cover image

Medical Ethics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-94648-0
384 pages
November 2010
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Part I: Medical Ethics, or Doing the Right Thing.

Chapter 1: What Are Medical Ethics?

Chapter 2: Morality in Medicine.

Chapter 3: The Provider-Patient Relationship.

Chapter 4: Outside the Examining Room: Running an Ethical Practice.

Chapter 5: Learning from Mistakes: Disclosing Medical Errors.

Part II: A Patient's Right to Request, Receive, and Refuse Care.

Chapter 6: The Ethical Challenges in Distributing Basic Healthcare.

Chapter 7: When Spirituality and Cultural Beliefs Affect Care.

Chapter 8: Parental Guidance and Responsibilities.

Part III: Ethics at the Beginning and End of Life.

Chapter 9: Two Lives, One Patient: Pregnancy Rights and Issues.

Chapter 10: When Science Supersedes Sex: Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy.

Chapter 11: Walking a Fine Line: Examining the Ethics of Abortion.

Chapter 12: Determining Death: Not an Event, but a Process.

Chapter 13: Death with Dignity: The Right to Appropriate End-of-Life Care.

Part IV: Advancing Medical Knowledge with Ethical Clinical Research.

Chapter 14: Toward Trials without Error: The Evolution of Ethics in Clinical Research.

Chapter 15: Beyond Guinea Pigs: Anatomy of an Ethical Clinical Trial.

Chapter 16: Research in Special Populations.

Chapter 17: It’s All in the Genes: The Ethics of Stem Cell and Genetic Research.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Ethical Issues to Address with Your Patients.

Chapter 19: Ten High-Profi le Medical Ethics Cases.

Chapter 20: Almost Ten Ethical Issues for the Future.


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