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Mechanics of Materials For Dummies (1118089014) cover image

Mechanics of Materials For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-08901-9
384 pages
June 2011
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Part I: Setting the Stage for Mechanics of Materials.

Chapter 1: Predicting Behavior with Mechanics of Materials.

Chapter 2: Reviewing Mathematics and Units Used in Mechanics of Materials.

Chapter 3: Brushing Up on Statics Basics.

Chapter 4: Calculating Properties of Geometric Areas.

Chapter 5: Computing Moments of Area and Other Inertia Calculations.

Part II: Analyzing Stress.

Chapter 6: Remain Calm, It's Only Stress!

Chapter 7: More than Meets the Eye: Transforming Stresses.

Chapter 8: Lining Up Stress Along Axial Axes.

Chapter 9: Bending Stress Is Only Normal: Analyzing Bending Members.

Chapter 10: Shear Madness: Surveying Shear Stress.

Chapter 11: Twisting the Night Away with Torsion.

Part III: Investigating Strain.

Chapter 12: Don’t Strain Yourself: Exploring Strain and Deformation.

Chapter 13: Applying Transformation Concepts to Strain.

Chapter 14: Correlating Stresses and Strains to Understand Deformation.

Part IV: Applying Stress and Strain.

Chapter 15: Calculating Combined Stresses.

Chapter 16: When Push Comes to Shove: Dealing with Deformations.

Chapter 17: Showing Determination When Dealing with Indeterminate Structures.

Chapter 18: Buckling Up for Compression Members.

Chapter 19: Designing for Required Section Properties.

Chapter 20: Introducing Energy Methods.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Mechanics of Materials Pitfalls to Avoid.

Chapter 22: Ten Tips to Solving Mechanics of Materials Problems.


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