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Mandolin For Dummies (1119943973) cover image

Mandolin For Dummies

Don Julin, Scott Tichenor (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-1-119-94397-6
384 pages
August 2012
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Introduction  1

Part I: Being Bitten By the Mandolin Bug  7

Chapter 1: Becoming Acquainted with Your Mandolin 9

Chapter 2: Getting to Grips with Tuning and Terminology 21

Chapter 3: Getting a Handle on Your Mandolin 29

Part II: Starting to Play the Mandolin  37

Chapter 4: Making Music on the Mandolin 39

Chapter 5: Picking with the Right Hand 65

Chapter 6: Fretting Notes and Chords with the Left Hand 93

Chapter 7: Playing ‘Jethro’-Style Three-String Chords 115

Chapter 8: Playing Mandolin Music: Scales and Melody 129

Part III: Putting Playing Styles into Practice  153

Chapter 9: Playing Music from Yesteryear: Old Time, Rags and Blues 155

Chapter 10: Giving your Mandolin a Speedy Workout: Bluegrass 187

Chapter 11: Travelling to the Emerald Isle: Irish Mandolin 209

Chapter 12: Taking a Quick World Tour 225

Chapter 13: Swinging to Those Jazzy Rhythms 241

Chapter 14: Blending Styles: Dawg Music 265

Part IV: Purchasing and Caring For Your Mandolin  275

Chapter 15: Selecting and Buying a Mandolin 277

Chapter 16: Building Your Accessories Kit 291

Chapter 17: All Change: Replacing Your Mandolin’s Strings 301

Chapter 18: Caring For and Repairing Your Mandolin 311

Part V: The Part of Tens  321

Chapter 19: Ten (or so) Tips on Becoming a Good Mandolin Player 323

Chapter 20: Ten Mandolin Players You Need To Know 329

Chapter 21: Ten Ways of Tapping Into the Mandolin Subculture 335

Part VI: Appendixes  341

Appendix A: Chord Charts 343

Appendix B: Reading Standard Musical Notation 347

Appendix C: Audio Tracks 359

Index  365

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