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Managed Funds For Dummies, Australian Edition (1742169422) cover image

Managed Funds For Dummies, Australian Edition

ISBN: 978-1-74216-942-2
376 pages
September 2011
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Part I: Coming to Grips with the Basics of Managed Funds.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Managed Funds.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Managed Funds.

Chapter 3: Examining the Structures of Managed Funds.

Chapter 4: Identifying Asset Classes and Investment Styles.

Chapter 5: Revealing the Cost of Investing: Fees and Commissions.

Part II: Doing the Research for Your Peace of Mind.

Chapter 6: Assessing Your Appetite for Risk and Avoiding Indigestion.

Chapter 7: Setting Your Goals and Making a Plan.

Chapter 8: Understanding Research and Ratings Agencies.

Chapter 9: Making Sense of Performance.

Part III: Choosing, Buying and Selling Managed Funds.

Chapter 10: Discovering Who’s Who in the Managed Funds Zoo.

Chapter 11: Looking At Your Options: Taking Advice or Going It Alone.

Chapter 12: Filling In the Forms.

Chapter 13: Buying, Selling and Monitoring Your Investments.

Part IV: Determining How Funds Are Labelled.

Chapter 14: Understanding Standard Fund Types.

Chapter 15: Examining More Ways of Classifying Managed Investments.

Chapter 16: Lifting the Veil on Hedge Funds and Structured Products.

Chapter 17: Looking at Administration Services and Managed Accounts.

Part V: Following Some Sensible Ideas for Happier Returns.

Chapter 18: Borrowing to Invest.

Chapter 19: Investigating Other Investment Strategies.

Chapter 20: Understanding What Can Go Wrong and What to Do If It Does.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Managed Fund Investing.

Chapter 22: Ten Traps and Pitfalls: What the Managers Don't Tell You.



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