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Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (1118051785) cover image

Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05178-8
816 pages
March 2011
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Book I: Mac Basics.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Your Mac.

Chapter 2: Starting Up, Sleeping, and Shutting Down.

Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with the Mac User Interface.

Chapter 4: Running Programs.

Chapter 5: Installing and Uninstalling Software.

Chapter 6: Managing Files and Folders.

Chapter 7: Customizing Your Mac.

Chapter 8: Accessibility Features of the Macintosh.

Chapter 9: Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Book II: Photos, Music, and Movies.

Chapter 1: Playing with Audio.

Chapter 2: Playing with Pictures.

Chapter 3: Watching Videos on a Mac.

Chapter 4: Using Front Row for Movies, Music, and Photos.

Book III: Browsing the Internet.

Chapter 1: Browsing the Internet.

Chapter 2: Sending and Receiving E-Mail.

Chapter 3: Chatting in Real Time.

Chapter 4: Security for Your Mac.

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Own Web Site.

Book IV: Working with iLife and iWork.

Chapter 1: Storing Memories with iPhoto.

Chapter 2: Using iMovie.

Chapter 3: Using iDVD.

Chapter 4: Creating Web Sites with iWeb.

Chapter 5: Using GarageBand.

Chapter 6: Writing and Publishing with Pages.

Chapter 7: Making Presentations with Keynote.

Chapter 8: Doing Calculations with Numbers.

Book V: Other Mac Programs.

Chapter 1: Word Processing on the Mac.

Chapter 2: Office Suites on the Mac.

Chapter 3: Painting and Drawing on a Mac.

Chapter 4: Running Windows on a Mac.

Chapter 5: Having Fun with a Mac.

Book VI: Time-Saving Tips with a Mac.

Chapter 1: Protecting Your Data.

Chapter 2: Managing Your Time with iCal.

Chapter 3: Storing Contact Information in the Address Book.

Chapter 4: Using Dashboard.

Chapter 5: Automating Your Mac.

Book VII: Mac Networking.

Chapter 1: Networking Your Macs.

Chapter 2: Sharing Files and Resources on a Network.

Chapter 3: Bluetooth Wireless Networking.


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