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Machinima For Dummies (0470096918) cover image

Machinima For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-09691-8
403 pages
September 2007
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Part I: Introducing Machinima.

Chapter 1. Getting to Know Machinima.

Chapter 2. Your First Machinima Movie.

Part II: Getting Serious.

Chapter 3. Filmmaking 101.

Chapter 4. Storytelling and Scriptwriting.

Chapter 5. Engines, Engines Everywhere.

Chapter 6. Making Your World: Set Design and Texturing.

Chapter 7. The Casting Couch: In-Engine Character Design in the Sims 2.

Chapter 8. Cut! Directing Machinima with The Sims 2.

Chapter 9. Get Out the Scissors: Editing Machinima.

Chapter 10. Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Distributing Your Movie.

Part III: Advanced Machinima Creation.

Chapter 11. Massively Multiplayer Machinima: World of Warcraft.

Chapter 12. Lord of the Rings on $50 - Mass Battles with Medieval II: Total War.

Chapter 13. Noise! Sound Design and Recording for a Great Film.

Chapter 14. Get It Out There! Publicizing Your Movie.

Chapter 15. You're Nicked, My Son: Machinima and the Law.

PART IV: The Final Frontier: Pro Machinima.

Chapter 16. Making Things That Don't Exist: 3D Modeling and Animation.

Chapter 17. A Storm Is Brewing: Moviestorm.

Chapter 18. Build a Better Mousetrap: Going Beyond Engine Limitations.

Chapter 19. Pro Machinima?

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20. Ten Machinima Films You Must Watch.

Chapter 21. Ten Ways to Ruin Your Machinima Movie.

Chapter 22. Ten Machinima Sites to Bookmark.

Appendix: About the DVD.


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