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Living Dairy-Free For Dummies (0470633166) cover image

Living Dairy-Free For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-63316-8
360 pages
August 2010
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Part I: Going Dairy-Free: A Quick Overview.

Chapter 1: Living Dairy-Free: Beginning with the Basics.

Chapter 2: Understanding Why Living Dairy-Free Makes Sense.

Chapter 3: Dairy-Free by Degree: Taking a Look at Lactose Intolerance.

Chapter 4: Getting Calcium, Vitamin D, and Other Essential Nutrients.

Chapter 5: Making the Transition to Dairy-Free: Getting Started.

Part II: Setting Up Your Dairy-Free Kitchen.

Chapter 6: Removing Dairy from Your Kitchen.

Chapter 7: Shopping for and Stocking Your Dairy-Free Home.

Chapter 8: Cooking Tips and Techniques.

Part III: Meals Made Easy: Recipes for Everyone.

Chapter 9: Waking Up to Breakfast Basics.

Chapter 10: Spectacular Soups, Salads, and Sides.

Chapter 11: Delectable Main Dishes.

Chapter 12: Dairy-Free Dips, Spreads, Sauces, and Dressings.

Chapter 13: Breads, Pizza, and Munchies.

Chapter 14: Dishing Up Dairy-Free Desserts.

Part IV: Living — and Loving — the Dairy-Free Lifestyle.

Chapter 15: Managing Social Situations.

Chapter 16: Dodging Dairy on the Mooove: Eating Out.

Chapter 17: Dairy-Free During Pregnancy and the Early Years.

Chapter 18: Raising Happy, Healthy Dairy-Free Kids and Teens.

Chapter 19: Aging Healthfully: Dairy-Free Diets for Older Adults.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Good Reasons to Dump Dairy.

Chapter 21: Ten Useful and Great-Tasting Dairy-Free Products.

Chapter 22: Ten Hidden Sources of Dairy.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Make Dairy-Free Eating Easier on Your Wallet.

Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Make Dairy-Free Fun for Kids.


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