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Limited Liability Companies For Dummies (0470173289) cover image

Limited Liability Companies For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-17328-2
384 pages
November 2007
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.

Part I: LLCs 101.

Chapter 1: What Is an LLC, Really?

Chapter 2: Determining Whether an LLC Is Right for You.

Chapter 3: Getting the Help You Need for Your LLC.

Part II: First Things First: Forming Your LLC.

Chapter 4: Making the Big Decisions: Choosing Members, Managers, and a Name.

Chapter 5: Choosing the Best State for Your LLC.

Chapter 6: Creating Your Articles of Organization.

Chapter 7: Converting Your Current Business into an LLC.

Chapter 8: Making Your LLC Official: Filing with the State.

Part III: Running Your Brand-New LLC.

Chapter 9: ABCs of Setting Up Your Operating Agreement.

Chapter 10: Who Owns What: Deciphering Membership Shares.

Chapter 11: Record Keeping and Maintaining the Charging Order.

Chapter 12: Knowing Your Exit Strategy: Dissolutions and Extensions.

Part IV: Making Cents of Taxes and Protecting Your Assets.

Chapter 13: LLCs and Taxes: Arranging the Best Scenario.

Chapter 14: Using Your LLC to Protect Your Assets.

Chapter 15: Real Estate and LLCs.

Chapter 16: Estate Planning: Avoiding Death Taxes.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Good Reasons to Form an LLC.

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Keep Your Limited Liability Intact.

Chapter 19: Ten Things to Absolutely Avoid Doing with an LLC.

Appendix A: LLC Formation Information by State.

Appendix B: On the CD-ROM.



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