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Lawn Care For Dummies (0764550772) cover image

Lawn Care For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5077-5
368 pages
January 1998
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PART I: Planning Your Perfect Lawn.

Chapter 1: Designing Your Perfect Lawn.

Chapter 2: Cool-Season Grasses: The Grasses of the North.

Chapter 3: The Warm-Season Grasses.

Chapter 4: Lawn Climates, Big and Small.

PART II: Getting Ready to Plant.

Chapter 5: Preparing to Plant.

Chapter 6: Increasing Your Soil Sense.

Chapter 7: Installing an Irrigation System.

PART III: Planting a Lawn.

Chapter 8: Planting a Lawn from Seed.

Chapter 9: Starting a Lawn from Sod.

Chapter 10: Planting Sprigs, Stolons, and Plugs.

PART IV: Showing Your Lawn That You Care.

Chapter 11: Watering Lawns.

Chapter 12: Fertilizing Lawns.

Chapter 13: Lawn Mowing.

Chapter 14: Dethatching, Aerating, and Renovating.

PART V: Battling the Lawn Invaders.

Chapter 15: Weed Wars.

Chapter 16: Insect Invaders.

Chapter 17: Disturbing Diseases.

Chapter 18: Other Lawn Problems.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Lawn Alternatives.

Chapter 20: Ten Top Lawn Trees and How to Care for Them.

Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Things to Do or Not to Do with Lawn Clippings.

Chapter 22: Ten Things to Do with Your Lawn During Drought.

Chapter 23: Ten Lawn Games.

Chapter 24: Ten Weird Things You Can Do with Lawns and Lawn Grasses.

Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Deal with Leaves.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Sources for Lawn Care Products.

Appendix B: Lawn Information Sources.

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