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Laptops Just the Steps For Dummies (0470422491) cover image

Laptops Just the Steps For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-42249-6
240 pages
October 2008
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Part I: Knowing Your Laptop.

Chapter 1: What’s in This Thing?

Chapter 2: Knowing the Right Switches.

Chapter 3: Going for a Drive.

Chapter 4: Cleaning Up Nicely.

Part II: Looking Over the Vista.

Chapter 5: Accounting for Your Users.

Chapter 6: Introducing Yourself to the System.

Chapter 7: File It Away.

Chapter 8: Setting Up Your Resources.

Chapter 9: Installing and Removing Software.

Chapter 10: Making Devices Play Nice Together.

Chapter 11: Making Your Own Media.

Part III: Expanding Your Network.

Chapter 12: Keeping Yourself Wired.

Chapter 13: Cutting the Cords.

Chapter 14: Share and Share Alike.

Chapter 15: Home and Away Games.

Chapter 16: Getting on the Internet.

Part IV: Hitting the Road.

Chapter 17: Staying In Touch.

Chapter 18: Playing It Safe.

Part V: What Could Go Wrong?

Chapter 19: Troubleshooting Your Hardware.

Chapter 20: Troubleshooting Your Software.

Chapter 21: Patching It Up.

Part VI: Options.

Chapter 22: Your Instant Office.

Chapter 23: Mainstream Media.


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