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Laptops For Dummies Quick Reference (0470046287) cover image

Laptops For Dummies Quick Reference

ISBN: 978-0-470-04628-9
207 pages
July 2006
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The Big Picture: The Laptop Computer.

Part I: Built-in Stuff.

Part II: Connecting Stuff Together: Ports.

Part III: The Essentials of Windows.

Part IV: Managing Storage.

Part V: Folders, Subfolders, and Directories.

Part VI: Working with Files.

Part VII: Networking.

Part VIII: Using the Internet.

Part IX: Tips and Tricks for the Road.

Part X: Keyboard Shortcuts for Laptop Users.

Part XI: Microsoft Excel Shortcuts.

Part XII: Microsoft Word Shortcuts.

Part XIII: Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcuts.

Part XIV: Packing an Emergency Kit.

Glossary: Tech Talk.


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