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Kinesiology For Dummies (1118549236) cover image

Kinesiology For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-54923-0
384 pages
March 2014
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Kinesiology 5

Chapter 1: Introducing Kinesiology: The Science of Movement 7

Chapter 2: The History and Philosophy of Sport and Exercise 17

Part II: Exercise Physiology 39

Chapter 3: The Brains behind the Brawn: Motor Control 41

Chapter 4: Keeping the Big Wheel Turning: Exercise Metabolism 57

Chapter 5: The Body’s Engine: The Cardiovascular System 83

Chapter 6: Earthlings and the Earth: Adapting to Your Environment 111

Part III: Basic Biomechanics: Why You Move the Way You Do 127

Chapter 7: The Nuts and Bolts of Movement 129

Chapter 8: Bone Composition and Function 155

Chapter 9: These Joints Are A-jumping! 175

Chapter 10: Let’s Move, Baby! The Muscles 203

Chapter 11: Motion Analysis: Seeing How You Move 235

Part IV: Mind-Body Connections 257

Chapter 12: Staying Connected: The Bio-Psycho-Social Model 259

Chapter 13: Sticking with It: Motivation and Adherence 275

Chapter 14: Looking Good, Feeling Good: Exercise, Mood, and Mind 291

Chapter 15: Too Much of a Good Thing 313

Part V: The Part of Tens 335

Chapter 16: Ten Foundations of Fitness 337

Chapter 17: Ten Facts about Obesity and Physical Inactivity 343

Chapter 18: Ten Careers for Kinesiologists 349

Index 353

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