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Job Hunting For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0764551639) cover image

Job Hunting For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5163-5
408 pages
August 1999
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PART I: Getting a Handle on the Process.

Chapter 1: Getting Off on the Right Foot.

Chapter 2: Getting Organized.

PART II: Setting Your Targets.

Chapter 3: What Are You Looking for, Anyway?

Chapter 4: Scoping Out the Market.

PART III: The Writes (And Wrongs) of Resume Writing.

Chapter 5: Resume Basics.

Chapter 6: Deciding Which Resume Style Is for You.

Chapter 7: Writing Your Resume.

Chapter 8: Getting Your Resume into Print.

Chapter 9: Making Your Cover Letter Count.

PART IV: Drumming Up Job Leads.

Chapter 10: Going Online: The Basics.

Chapter 11: Digging Up Information: The Basics of Effective Research.

Chapter 12: Networking 101.

Chapter 13: Getting the Most Out of Networking.

Chapter 14: Creative Reading: Scouring Want Ads.

Chapter 15: Jobs by Mail: Conducting a Targeted Direct-Mail Campaign.

Chapter 16: The Recruiting Game: Getting Outside Help.

Chapter 17: Temporary Work as a Way to Get Discovered.

PART V: Answering the Call: Keys to Successful Interviewing.

Chapter 18: Getting Ready for Show Time.

Chapter 19: Winning Ways: How to Handle Yourself During the Interview.

Chapter 20: Staying in Control: When Bad Things Happen to Good Interviewees.

Chapter 21: End Game: Closing the Interview on a Winning Note.

Chapter 22: Nailing Down the Offer.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Get Started on the Right Foot in Your New Job.

Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Keep Up Your Morale.

Chapter 25: Ten Bold Interviewing Tactics to Make You Stand Out from the Crowd.

Chapter 26: The Ten Most Valuable Resources in Your Job Search.

Chapter 27: Ten Questions Frequently Asked by Job Hunters.

Appendix: Resources.


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