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Java 2 Database Programming For Dummies (0764508814) cover image

Java 2 Database Programming For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0881-3
408 pages
October 2001
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Part I: Getting Down to Database Basics.

Chapter 1: Everything Is Relative in a Relational Database.

Chapter 2: Designing a Database with an Artist's Eye.

Chapter 3: There's Something Normal About All Data.

Chapter 4: Finding Data Quickly with an Index.

Chapter 5: Client/Server Architecture for Snappy Service All the Time.

Chapter 6: The Setup: Planning a Database Application.

Part II: Java Database Connection.

Chapter 7: JDBC in English.

Chapter 8: Having the Right Connections Gets You to the Database.

Chapter 9: Writing Your First Java Database Program.

Part III: Database Interactions 101.

Chapter 10: Table Manners: Creating and Dropping Tables.

Chapter 11: Basic Index Etiquette.

Chapter 12: Stuffing Data into a Table.

Chapter 13: I'll Just Pick: Selecting Data from a Table.

Chapter 14: Show Your Hand: Displaying Data from Tables.

Chapter 15: Did You Hear the Latest?: Updating Data in Tables.

Chapter 16: Get Rid of the Bum: Deleting Data in Tables.

Part IV: Picking and Choosing Data.

Chapter 17: Picking Data from This Table and That Table.

Chapter 18: Getting Together: Grouping and Ordering Data.

Chapter 19: The Art of Subqueries.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Most Common Mistakes.

Chapter 21: Ten Places to Find More Information.

Chapter 22: Ten Things That Didn't Fit into This Book.


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