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Italian Grammar For Dummies (1118566009) cover image

Italian Grammar For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-56600-8
384 pages
July 2013
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Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started with Italian Grammar  5

Chapter 1: Italian Grammar in a Nutshell  7

Chapter 2: That’s Italian! Sounding Out Italian Words the Right Way  15

Chapter 3: Talking about Things with Nouns and Articles  25

Chapter 4: Dealing with Numbers, Dates, and Time  45

Chapter 5: Adding Dimension and Description with Adjectives 63

Part II: Forming Simple Sentences and Asking Questions  75

Chapter 6: Jumping into Action with Italian Regular Verbs  77

Chapter 7: Using Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense  97

Chapter 8: Substituting Pronouns for Nouns  117

Chapter 9: Using Refl exive Forms and Expressing Imperative Moods 133

Chapter 10: Declaring Your Likes (and Dislikes) with Piacere  149

Chapter 11: Asking and Responding to Questions  165

Part III: Beefing Up Your Sentences  179

Chapter 12: Prepositions: Little Words, Big Challenges  181

Chapter 13: Qualifying Nouns with Demonstrative, Indefinite, and Possessive Words  195

Chapter 14: Making Transitions, Forming Connections, and Commenting  211

Chapter 15: Describing Actions with Adverbs  225

Part IV: Talking about the Past, Future, and Conditional  237

Chapter 16: Been There, Done That: Talking in the Past Tense  239

Chapter 17: Reflexive Verbs in the Past  261

Chapter 18: Future Tense and Conditional Mood  271

Part V: Expressing Subjectivity and Giving Orders  295

Chapter 19: Dealing with Conditions Beyond Our Control: “If” Clauses and Passive Actions  297

Chapter 20: Getting into the Subjunctive Mood  307

Chapter 21: Second-Guessing Your Actions with the Past Conditional  321

Chapter 22: I Hope That You’ve Had Fun! The Past Subjunctive  331

Part VI: The Part of Tens  343

Chapter 23: Ten Common Italian Grammar Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)  345

Chapter 24: Ten Italian Expressions You’ll Use Every Day  351

Index  355

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