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Investing Online For Dummies, 8th Edition (1118495365) cover image

Investing Online For Dummies, 8th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-49536-0
432 pages
December 2012
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started Investing Online 7

Chapter 1: Getting Yourself Ready for Online Investing 9

Chapter 2: Getting Your PC Ready for Online Investing 35

Chapter 3: Choosing the Best Account Type for You 65

Chapter 4: Connecting with an Online Broker 93

Chapter 5: Getting It Done: How to Enter and Execute Trades 121

Part II: Using Online Investment Resources 145

Chapter 6: Why Stock Prices Rise and Fall 147

Chapter 7: Connecting with Other Investors Online 173

Chapter 8: Measuring Your Performance 197

Chapter 9: Choosing an Asset Allocation 217

Chapter 10: Finding and Buying Mutual Funds 233

Chapter 11: Finding and Buying Exchange-Traded Funds 253

Part III: Maximizing Investment Knowledge 271

Chapter 12: Putting Companies Under the Microscope 273

Chapter 13: Evaluating Stocks’ Prospects 291

Chapter 14: Finding Investment Ideas with Online Stock Screens 309

Chapter 15: Analyzing the Analysts and Stock Pickers 325

Chapter 16: Researching and Buying Bonds Online 341

Part IV: The Part of Tens 359

Chapter 17: Ten Top Mistakes Made by Online Investors 361

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Protect Your Investments and Identity Online 369

Chapter 19: Online Investors’ Ten Most Common Questions 379

Index 387

Bonus Chapter 1: Broadening Your Horizons: International Stocks BC1

Bonus Chapter 2: Taking It Further: Technical Analysis and Initial

Public Offerings BC15

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