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Index Investing For Dummies (047029406X) cover image

Index Investing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-29406-2
364 pages
December 2008
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Part I: The (Mostly) Nonviolent Indexing Revolution.

Chapter 1: What Indexing Is . . . and Isn’t.

Chapter 2: A Short History of the Index and Index Investing.

Chapter 3: Why Indexing Works — and Works So Darned Well.

Chapter 4: Why Everyone Isn’t Indexing.

Chapter 5: A New Era Begins: ETFs and Alternative Indexes.

Part II: Getting to Know Your Index Fund Choices.

Chapter 6: The Basic Index Investing Components.

Chapter 7: Investing in Stock Indexes: Your Gateway to Growth.

Chapter 8: Investing in Bond Indexes: Protecting Your Principal.

Chapter 9: Diversifying Your Portfolio with Commodity, REIT, and Other Indexes.

Part III: Drawing a Blueprint for Your Index Portfolio.

Chapter 10: Finding a Happy Home for Your Money.

Chapter 11: Developing Your Broad Investment Goals.

Chapter 12: Fine-Tuning Your Index Selections.

Chapter 13: Mixing and Matching Passive and Active Investing.

Chapter 14: Making Your Final Investment Decisions.

Chapter 15: A Bevy of Sample Index Portfolios.

Part IV: Ensuring Happy Returns.

Chapter 16: Buying and Holding: Boring, But It Really Works.

Chapter 17: Seeking Additional Assistance from Professionals . . . Carefully.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Deal with the Temptation to Beat the Market.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Screw Up a Perfectly Good Index Portfolio.

Chapter 20: Ten Q & As with John Bogle, Father of Index Investing.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: A Select List of Index Mutual Funds.

Appendix B: A Select List of Exchange-Traded Funds.

Appendix C: Helpful Web Resources for the Smart Index Investor.


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